Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Work with us!

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Your Benefits at Baker Softwash


 Excellent Benefits

Joining us means not only a competitive hourly rate but also the added perks of performance and production bonuses, and vacation after your first year – because we believe hard workers deserve rewards!


Growth Opportunities:

We take your personal and professional development seriously, offering tailored guidance and encouragement to reach your potential – because we know there are no limits to what you can achieve!


Great Company Culture:

Fostered friendships, unwavering support, and hilarious banter – all ingredients to a fantastic work environment like ours, where everyone feels like an integral part of the Baker Softwash family!

About Us

Welcome to Baker Softwash, where we take washing seriously and fun lightly! We're a family-oriented, tight-knit community of professionals passionate about keeping exteriors spick-and-span. Our top-notch services range from residential and commercial exterior cleaning to LED lighting and Christmas decor.

Our uniqueness lies in our camaraderie, humor and commitment to excellence. If you're looking for a company that values organized, high-energy and hardworking individuals with great communication skills and integrity, you've found us!

FAQs of Baker Softwash and the Assistant Technician Role

What is the company culture like at Baker Softwash?

Baker Softwash prides itself on a relaxed, family-like atmosphere, fostering strong connections between employees, promoting collaboration, and keeping the work environment fun and enjoyable.

What are the company’s approach to employee development?

We recognize the importance of nurturing talent, providing tailored guidance for each individual, and encouraging constant learning to ensure they excel in their roles and fulfill their career aspirations.

Does Baker Softwash provide opportunities for advancement within the company?

Absolutely! We're always on the lookout for exceptional talent to take on greater responsibilities and grow alongside us. If you've got the passion and drive, the opportunities are right here waiting for you.